EthAum Portfolio Summary

Startup NameSolutionSectorsStageFunds RaisedPast InvestorsFunds RaisingLocationKey Achievements
PowerArena - Video PitchDeep learning video analytics platform to help manufacturers to identify assembly line bottlenecks and enhance SOP compliance. Increases productivity by 10% and reduces defect rate by 80%.Manufacturing, Industry4.0Pre-A$3,000,000Angels, EthAum$3,000,000Hong Kong, USA, TaiwanIncubatee of StartX, a Stanford Incubator. 10+ paying customers including 2 Fortune 500 companies. Product deployed in 5 countries.
Cybord - Video PitchHelping Electronic Manufacturers detecting counterfeit, defective and tampered components using inline AI component inspection SWElectronic ManufacturingSeries A$6,200,000EthAum, NextLeap, LC Ventures$10,000,000Israel$3M+ Revenue in 2022 from Nvidia, Intel, Siemens, FLEX, Foxconn, Ericsson, Jabil, Rockwell Automation etc
Asiabots - Video PitchAutomated & omni-channel Customer Services powered by Conversational AIBFSI, PropTechSeries B$3,200,000Cyberport, EthAum$4,000,000Hong Kong, Taiwan$2.5M Revenue in 2022 thru customers such as DBS, AIA, Siemens, Cathay Pacific etc
Faradai - Video PitchEnergy IoT Platform to provide end-to-end data analytics solutions across the energy value chain, from generation to consumption.Energy, Utilities, ESG, Smart CitySeries A$3,000,000Capria, IFC, Idacapital$3,500,000Turkey, UK$2.5M+ revenue in 2022 from GAP, Zara, Vodafone, Media Markt, TEB, Marks & Spencer etc
IronYun - Video PitchOffers a Video intelligence platform, Vaidio™, which provides AI-enabled video search and analytics for security, health, safety and operations. The analytics are 95% accurate and 30% less cost.Government, Banks, Health, Manufacturing, ConstructionSeries B$20,000,000Xcel Next Ventures$15,000,000USA-Commercial partners of Panasonic, Genetec, Honeywell, HikVision etc
-Serving 50 Fortune-500 customers such as GE Lighting, Verizon, Siemens, Sony, NVIDIA, HPE, ABB, ESPN etc
Keyri - Video PitchPasswordless authentication platform that helps FIs and fintechs enhance their login experience by improving user conversion and reducing fraud through desktop QR loginBFSI, RetailPre-A$1,600,000Y CombinatorTBDUSA-300+ startup customers
-Design partnerships with a top U.S. bank, large U.S. robo-advisor, and leading Asian crypto exchange
Velotix - Video PitchSolving data governance challenges, providing control, accessibility and security to maintain a high velocity data lifecycle.Data Governance & Security, BFSIPre-A$7,000,000Angels, Capri Venture$5,000,000Israel, USA*Founders with multiple successful exits
*Tier-1 bank as design partner
*2 Beta Customers
Pulsifi - Video PitchAI-powered People Data Platform to predict + improve performance of employees. 90%+ of hires made on our platform performed as predicted one year into the roleHRTech, EnterprisePre-A$4,000,000Angels$5,000,000Singapore$3M ARR, >3x YoY growth. Customers are KPMG, Nestle, Heineken, Baxter, Singtel in 9 countries.
SkillReal - Video PitchPatented AR system to help complex assembly lines improve productivity, quality and precision.ManufacturingPre-A$3,000,000Angels, EthAum$4,000,000IsraelOEM agreement with Siemens since 2019, selling to Volkswagen, BMW, BAE System, IAI etc. 2022 Revenue (F): $2.2M
SolidBlocK - Video PitchReal Estate Issuance & Trading Platform. Completed Aspen Project. Ongoing Projects in USA, Europe & APAC. 2021 Est Rev: $200KReal Estate, FinTechPre-A$3,300,000Built Up Ventures, Holt Accelerator$2,000,000USA, Israel
Wada Bento - Video PitchPatented Hot-chain Bento Machines to help consumers buying hot, hygienic, fresh, and cost-effective meal near their home or office.FoodTech, F&BPre-A$5,300,000Cyberport, EthAum, Golden Ventures$5,000,000Hong Kong$2M revenue in 2022
Mojodomo - Video PitchPerformance based data-driven customer engagement platform to solve loyalty disconnect for the BFSI leaders at zero upfront costMarTech, BFSISeries A$3,000,000Cyberport$5,000,000Hong Kong, Singapore-Serving Sun Life, Manulife, blue etc and are backed by Citi bank and Mastercard.
B2Metric - Video PitchOffers an AI-powered digital optimization platform to automate the customer journey process while saving 75% time and 50% cost.BFSI, TelcoSeed$450,000Türk Telekom, Aktif Bank
$2,000,000Turkey-Serving giants such as Turk Telekom, Otokoc, Metlife, Media Markt, Zurich Insurance, Aktif Bank, Allianz, Avis etc
Cloudworx Technologies - Video PitchNoCode platform for creating Enterprise Metaverse applications such as Digital Twins for better visualization of dashboards and faster business insightsSaaS, IoT, Metaverse, B2BSeed$96,000LetsVenture, Faad Network, Appyhigh$750,000India-Paid-pilots ongoing with Big Soda companies, Govts from Spain, India & Finland
-ARR grew 150% from FY 20-21 to FY 21-22, projecting ARR of $262K for the current fiscal year
Sensefinity - Video PitchSensefinity is a SaaS Platform to help manufacturing companies to improve logistics operations by creating real-time visibility using IoT and Machine LearningLogistics, ESGSeed$2,800,000LC Ventures, Techstars, EthAum$5,000,000Europe, Brazil2021: $350K+ sales, customers: Daimler, Siemens, BASF. $100K MRR by Q2-2022.
Simplr - Video PitchIntuitive mobility solutions for efficient management of distribution, distributor & warehouse operations, enabling realtime visibility across supply chainSupply Chain, RetailPre-ABootstrappedBootstrapped$2,500,000Singapore, IndiaRevenue 2021: $1M. 100+ Enterprise customers from 5+ countries. 2x YoY revenue growth
Reigo Investments - Video PitchAI-powered Asset Management tool for short-term real estate debt in the USA. Proved 50% higher effective returns and 80% less non-performing dealsReal Estate, FinTechPre-A$3,200,000Meitav Dash$500,000USA, Israel
SPEEQO - Video PitchVoice-based machine learning SaaS that performs speech analysis of an emotional state, flags distress levels, and provides advanced speech and audio signal analyticsEdTech, HRtech, GamingSeed$200,000Cyberport, Techstars$1,200,000Hong Kong, UK
DigsFact - Video PitchAI powered tool automating the process to capture spatial data (e.g. dimensions, surface areas, volume) for residential & commercial properties, enabling remote estimation of construction projects, and reducing the cost & time to estimate by 90%PropTech, InsurTech, RealEstateTechPre-Seed$75,000Bootstrapped$500,000USACompleted a Pilot project successfully with one of the top 3 P&C insurers in the US. Over $200K in revenue in 2020, $500K expected in 2021. Partners of CoreLogic.
weR - Video PitchAR platform at the retail stores (the MetaStore), featuring AR\AI management solutions to empower shoppers with a more connected in-store shopping experienceE-Commerce, RetailPre-A$225,000EthAum Capitals$2,500,000USA, IsraelRevenue in 2021: $600K from Walmart, FairPrice
MixCare Health - Video PitchHealthcare SaaS to help uninsured/ partially-insured populations with affordable and accessible outpatient services (e.g. Primary care, AI Chat bot, Marketplace, Critical care etc)Healthcare, InsurTechSeed$500,000Cyberport, EthAum Capitals$250,000Hong Kong$1M 2022 Revenue from 1,500 members and 1,000+ healthcare partners in Hong Kong. Tech Partnership with Blue
ProjAIX - Video PitchAI-Powered Image Recognition Solution streamlines data training, validation and annotation workflow while saving 50%+ time & costInsurTech, Retail, AutomotiveSeed$125,000EthAum Capitals$1,000,000Israel, USA$50K+ MRR. Strong Traction from Bridgestone, AIG etc Nvidia Inception, Microsoft for Startups, AWS Activate etc.
Torus Advisors - Video PitchA SaaS analytical tool that helps banks to deeper understand and optimize costs (20%+) on payment systems (Visa and Mastercard) with proprietary ML-fueled algorithms.Banking, FinTechPre-SeedBootstrapped$250,000Russia, EuropeEst Revenue in 2022: $250K. Top-5 banks from Russia, CIS and ASEAN
Libera - Video PitchHelping CPG brands reach a billion consumers with the tokenized Retail POS platform fueling the most accurate demand analytics to reduce waste, increase sales and enhance the efficiency of entire supply chainsSupply Chain, CPG, BlockchainSeed$1,000,000Brinc, Artesian, Cyberport, Animoca brands$3,000,000Hong Kong, UAE-Onboarding Brands such as P&G, Unilever for Demand Analytics
-Onboarding retailers to increase the users for Android POS to capture sales data
Securli - Video PitchHyperautomation to enhance cyber resilience and compliant to regulations with AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity & Data Science.RegTechPre-Seed$250,000Cyberport, Angels$2,000,000Hong Kong, USALOI with Orange Business Services, HK; Co-develop for Global Hotels Group; 5 Channel Partners in HK & USA
Explico - Video PitchAssessment based Learning platform using AI/ ML to offer indepth analytics of each student`s strengths and weakness + learning outcomesEdTechPre-Seed$147,362Angel Investor$500,000Singapore, India, Africa & SEA2000+ students in Singapore
Launched in Africa focussing on youth skill assessment and learning
OptiWays - Video PitchAI powered supply chain route optimization solution helping manufactures, retailers to automate and optimized their distribution processesSupply ChainSeed$1,100,000Angels, IIA$3,000,000IsraelUnique and superior solution for a blue ocean market.Technology validation based on field benchmarks with 20%+ cost-reduction. Expected MRR by EOY 2022: $30K+
WeSoar - Video PitchWorld's first fully conversational performance management platform leveraging day-to-day conversations towards high performanceHRTech, Talent ManagementPre-Seed$515,000Angels$500,000UK, UAE, IndiaStrong traction from Protiviti and Fortune-500 in the MENA
insbay - Video Pitchinsbay creates the missing link between the TV/video watching and online sales. CPS of 2,8% over 24 hours and 6,3% in 30 days from average of 10 ecommerce clickthrough per user at interior design product category.Media, Marketing, E-commerceSeedBootstrappedBootstrapped$1,000,000Poland, USASuccessful Cooperation with Discovery Media in EU for 1,5 years - 14 formats, 200+ programs, 24% from tv viewers to 60,000 downloads conversion based on 250,000 avergage viewership
IntuView - Video PitchAn integrated multi-lingual semantics-driven platform to extract explicit / implicit deep "meaning mining" using patented NLP algorithms with ontologies of human knowledgeDefense, Social Media, Regulation AnalysisSeries-A$2,000,000Xenia Incubator$500,000IsraelSelling to Department of Homeland Security & other Govt orgs. 2021 Revenue: $600K. 2022 Revenue (F): $15.M
AnyLog - Video PitchA Self-Managed Edge Platform making IoT data available to service Smart-Cities, Smart-Grids, Industrial-automation in real-time at a fraction of the costIOT, Industry4.0Seed$1,000,000Angels$3,000,000USA
KulturShift - Video PitchEmpowering American celebrities to connect with the Asian fans and launch/ sell products/ NFTsCelebrity Retail, NFT, DTCPre-Seed$500,000SOSV, ChinaAccelerator$1,000,000USA, ChinaSelling products of Paris Hilton, Lebron James etc thru Walmart China. 2021 Revenue: $300K
FLYDESK - Video PitchRemote team & shared office space management applicationPropTech, HRTechPre-Seed$700,000Business Angels, Native Union$500,000Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain$60K in 2021 so far in flex office space referrals.
Stayr - Video PitchPlatform for booking hotels, co-working spaces and yachts by hours and instantlyHospitalitySeed$185,000EthAum Capitals, SAP, TIBCO$500,000SingaporeEst Revenue in 2021: $1.5M, 200% MoM growth. Expanding in Thailand & HK in 2021
Ipseity Network - Video PitchHelping Data Owners monetizing data and analyzing ROI of marketing campaigns without compromising consumers' private dataData Security, MarTech, BlockchainPre-Seed$50,000Cyberport$2,000,000Hong Kong
SenseLoaf - Video PitchSenseLoaf is making AI Cloud accessible to the HR & Edu tech industry to easily launch AI use cases across the Talent management lifecycle.HRTech, Enterprise SaaSPre-Seed$150,000SAP, Google$2,000,000USA, IndiaThey have created a solid OEM strategy to become the preferred AI API provider for HR Tech Software across North America & India
Intentify - Video PitchHelps B2B companies targeting their ideal active buyers by running automated chatbots campaigns using intent data while accelerating ROI by up to 300% and reducing CAC by up to 80%Enterprise, MarTechPre-Seed$60,000$1,500,000Israel$250K revenue in last 18 months from 10 Design Partners.
Xcellent Life - Video PitchHelping Insurance Companies, Employers, and Governments to lower their healthcare related cost by 45% by using Real-time Human Diagnostics (RtHD) power by AI, which enhances prevention and overall health empowerment.Insurance, Corporate Wellness, HealthcarePre-Seed$50,000Velocity Accelerator$1,500,000USA- Under NDA with a $3B insurance company in the USA
- 6 LOIs and an identified $3.8 M in pipeline revenue
- POC with a large (23,000 students) university
- Performed 3 pilots
AI/ML Technology Solutions - Video PitchThe eXeL AI Platform helps STEM Students gain hands-on learning experience linked to real-world AI applications using our simplified ML Work-Flow App & Fun AI/ML Projects.EdTech,
Pre-Seed$90,000Founders$500,000USA2021 Rev: ~ $45 k since forming October 2020
F2F Course: 1st F2F AI/ML program in NYC
Online Course: Creating online curriculum for Thinkific
- Future Curriculum: Udemy + Others
GetMo (GetParking) - Video PitchHelps cities and businesses monetise their kerb, parking & road space while empowering them to serve rapidly evolving, future mobility needs by using proprietary sensor-fusion technology.Mobility, Smart CityPre-Seed$50,000ZNationLab$900,000India- 34+ million parking events across 9 cities
- ~USD 300K of lifetime revenues
- Winner of NASSCOM national mobility challenge
Vouch - Video PitchAI & NLP Powered referral network to help Tech companies hiring the right talent by sourcing vetted and high-quality candidates who're vouched by other peopleHRTechPre-SeedBootstrapped$250,000IndiaFounders with a successful exit within HRTech space
Alpha AI - Video PitchA SaaS tool that helps insurance and motor vehicle rental companies to manage claims transactions efficiently using our AI motor damage detection technologyInsurTech, Smart LivingPre-Seed$12,800Cyberport HK$500,000Hong Kong, Singapore- Founder named Forbes 30 Under 30 (Asia) - Entrepreneur in 2020
- An equity investment deal in the pipeline
- Searching for business partnership in HK and SG
IndyWise - Video PitchReskilling & Upskilling of Fast Growing startups' executives through industry leadersEduTech, HRTechPre-Seed$55,000Deloitte, Freecharge, Snapdeal, SAP$500,000India, SingaporeStrong traction from Startups for upskilling their junior employees
Image Machine - Video PitchImage Machine generates higher-quality image datasets for Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer vision companies for almost all scenariosRetail, Healthcare, RoboticsPre-Seed$60,000ESG, Bootstrapped$200,000SingaporeReceived Startup SG Founder Grant.
3K Revenue from a pilot with zero overhead cost
GoBuddy - Video PitchA total online business enabler with comprehensive SaaS tools that help online businesses to expand offerings and scale. We offer low-tier shelf-ready solutions to customized CRM app and marketplace platform solution.Smart Business TechPre-Seed$80,000Cyberport Hong Kong, Bootstrapped$500,000Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore
Galapy - Video PitchMobile eSports predictive and preventive care using Micro Current powered IoT DeviceseSports, Medical, GamingPre-Seed$0Bootstrapped$600,000Singapore, Hong Kong
DigiBeings - Video PitchSaraverse is a blockchain-powered open-world to find and train AI virtual friends known as SARAs.B2CPre-SeedBootstrapped$200,000India, SingaporePaid client: Clients in Pipeline: DBS, Max Life Insurance, HDFC Bank. Won IBM national hackathon and grant from Edward saatchi
TravelMew - Video PitchMicro-Vlogging Platform for Tourism & Local Merchants. Combo of eToro and TikTok for TourismTravel, Tourism, F&BPre-Seed$20,000Google$150,000Singapore, MalaysiaStrong interests from SEA based airlines